Apply for Global Excellence scholarship 2023/2024

Global Excellence scholarship provides the opportunity to attend the top university in the world without having to worry about paying a lot of money. The scholarship in Ireland aims to cover a year’s worth of tuition costs for exceptional and academically outstanding students.

Capable students may have a chance to be admitted to Trinity College Dublin through this scholarship for international students. Due to the quality of Irish education, many students have always dreamed of studying there on a scholarship.


All applicants must:

1) Hold an offer to study an eligible Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught course at the University of Dundee:

  • Undergraduate – Must hold an offer for a full time, on campus course – this excludes any course in the School of Medicine or Dentistry. Note: The course must be 120 credits
  • Postgraduate taught – Must hold an offer for a full time, on campus course in any academic school. Note the course must be 180 credits, apart from PGDip in Professional Legal Practice.
  • Master of Research and Masters by Research Courses are covered by this scholarship.

2) Have achieved:

  • Undergraduate – UK BBB A-Level or above (or equivalent).
  • Postgraduate Taught – UK 1st Class degree (or equivalent).
  • UK Equivalencies of all Academic Qualifications are at the discretion of the University of Dundee.
  1. Be classified as an International Fee-paying student by the University of Dundee.
  2. Not be studying a PhD Course.
  3. Have a Course tuition fee of £19,600. NB: Any course

Benefits of the Global Excellence Scholarship

  1. The value of this scholarship is £6,000 and is awarded as a tuition fee waiver. No direct payment is made to any applicant.
  2. The scholarship is paid in each year of applicable study: a. Undergraduate applicants can receive the scholarship for up to 5 years of progressing study. (£30,000 over 5 years). b. Where the course is a 3.5-year Undergraduate Degree (School of Business) then the scholarship will only be applied in Year 2 onwards. c. Postgraduate Taught applicants (including Master of Research and Masters by Research) – where the course spans more than 12 months full time, and a full year tuition fee is due in each academic year, then the scholarship can be applied in both years of study.
  3. Scholarships are awarded on an Unconditional basis. However, this is not linked to the Course application status.
  4. Scholarships cannot be awarded on a pro-rata basis.

Application for Global Excellence Scholarship

There is no separate application form for the Global Excellence Scholarship. The University of Dundee Admissions Team will use all information on an applicant’s Course application to determine if they meet the eligibility criteria.

This verification process will happen at the initial Offer Stage.

  • Where an applicant has ‘pending’ academic achievements at point of Offer, the University will not be able to confirm the scholarship until academic achievements have been submitted and verified.
  • Where an applicant does not meet the criteria for this scholarship, the University may inform the applicant of other scholarships available.

Apply Now for the Global Excellence Scholarship

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