Actor, Jamiu Azeez, says he once declined a kiss from an overzealous fan. Azeez noted that the incident happened when the lady asked to take a picture with him. He said, “A fan once asked me for a picture. But after the first shot, she said we should kiss like lovers for the second picture. However, I politely refused. She felt so bad because according to her, she had finally met her longtime crush and it had been her dream to have her lips touch mine.

Recounting how he began his acting career, Azeez said, “Nothing inspired me to go into acting. I never even believed I could act. I just feel it is what I was destined to do. I recall that back then, I was opportune to get Jide Kosoko’s phone number. Out of excitement, I put a call across to him. After I introduced myself to him, he asked what he could do for me. I paused for few seconds then told him I would love to be an actor. That was how my journey in the movie industry began.

The actor also said maintained that he had no fears as an actor. “I have no fear being an actor. However, in general, my greatest fear is failure. As a young and single actor, I am also scared of getting married to the wrong woman.

Sharing his thoughts on the notion that women were more successful than men in Nollywood, he said, “I believe that women are more successful, even outside the movie industry. I think women naturally attract success as they are believed to be the salt of the world. The way God created women; they easily get favors wherever they go.

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